HELP token project is aimed to charity. The main object of the project is the improvement of the receiving and sending the international donations with a minimum fixed fee, the centralization of the philanthropic foundations and organizations on the unified blockchain platform, the consolidation with traders and cryptoinvestors. The charitable blockchain platform will be the main project purse.

HELP token is the cryptocurrency having charity objectives but as usually it is used as the commercial tool for traders.

♦Traders have an advantage in minimal transaction fee, the opportunity to buy token directly on the platform via VISA/Master Card, the safe custody in the purse, the bonuses for participating in charity.

♦The advantages for charitable foundations are as follows: the opportunity to receive donations immediately, to solve the problem of paying systems unavailability especially in case of international charity, the partial exclusion of the issues concerning the transparency of transfer and target allocation of money, a new financial flow into the charity.

The platform will be the main nucleus connecting traders and philanthropy and it will develop and provide funding of its charitable project by selective and random techniques.

  Project importance for charity is apparent.

So far there is the global issue of the receiving and sending of the international donations. This happens due to the unavailability of the payments instruments within a country, high fees, and possible fraud in charity and also transactional speed. All these factors impede the quick solution of the problems by the charitable foundations and significantly reduce donations or financial assistance for the injured or aggrieved persons.

   HELP token project is aimed at solving the above stated issues. The platform will unite the existing foundations and charitable organizations, thus making the search for the philanthropists more convenient. The connection of the foundation or organization to the platform is absolutely free of charge. There are no payments for arrangement on the platform that is why the platform usage is profitable by any definition.

  Legislation in some countries prohibits the operations with cryptocurrencies and in case of non-compliance with this stipulation you violate the Legislation and Internal Revenue Code with all ensuing consequences. The project team solved this problem by conversion of funds going in and out of the platform into the national currency or fiat money. That rules out the direct contact of the user with cryptocurrency and allows working using only familiar instruments.

We undertook a very thorough examination of the problems in charity and know how to solve them. HELP token is not the charity foundation; it is the blockchain deployment with its own charity project aimed for charity improvement. We will develop different kinds of tools which are going to help traders and philanthropists. Watch the video for more information.

Start ICO

ICO HELP token (erc20) will be launched at the Bitfex platform bitfex.trade
ICO will be held in several stages.
The Soft cap for all stages of the ICO is equal to 7 BTC
The Hard cap is 21 BTC

Stage 1 - the cost of the token at the first stage will be 0.00156974 ETH/ HELP.
60,000 HELP token will be on sale
Soft cap for first stage 41.14 ETH
Hard cap for first stage 123.42 ETH
Start date 16/11/2018
Expiration date 05/12/2018

Stage 2 - the cost of the token at the second stage will be 0.00180520 ETH / HELP (+ 15%), 87,000 HELP token will be available for sale at this stage
Soft cap for second stage 59.62 ETH
Hard cap for second stage 178.86 ETH
Start date 06/12/2018
Expiration date 31/12/2018

Stage 3 - the cost of the token in the third stage will be 0.00216624 ETH / HELP (+ 20%). At the final stage, 174,000 HELP token will be available for sale.
Soft cap for third stage 119.24 ETH
Hard cap for third stage 357.72 ETH
Start date 01/01/2019
Expiration date 14/02/2019

Project investments will be directed primarily to the completion of development and realization of the platform. The funds will be used for the following purposes such as the realization of the mobile application, widgets for web-site implementation and modernization of the payment gateways. At this stage the technical part of the project will be completed. Further investments will be focused on the project promotion, users and foundations involvement and listing on the exchange.

At the present time, the main objective facing the project team is the project realization with the connection of the charity foundations and organizations. According to the roadmap the platform will be released at the end of the December, 2018. After platform testing we start the connection of the foundations and organizations. Currently the project is supported by the great number of the foundations and the preliminary agreements for implementation are signed. As the use of the platform is free of charge for charity entities we hope to transfer the whole charitable work on the use of the blockchain platform on the global scale.


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